Pepper Panic Saga Level 100

Tips and tricks for Pepper Panic Saga Level 100

Match all patterns and get 10,000 points.

The Cat (Mr Claw) is here to mess
up your gameplay for level 100.

You have 3 patterns to match in the following order:
– 4 in a row : blue peppers
– 4 in a row : red peppers
– 5 in a row : any colour

In order to complete these 3 tasks you need to remove those cages on 2 red peppers in the left section. You can do so by matching 4 in a row and by making T and L shapes in the right section. This is not an easy task because Mr Claw is stealing your peppers.

Once you remove those 2 cages a blue pepper will fall down where you have 3 blue peppers in the cage. Match 4 in a row and your first task is done. That will also burn that red pepper with a half of the ice cube and that move will also release 4 in a row of red peppers.sometimes the game will match that 4 in a row or you will have to make 1 or 2 more moves in order to complete the second task.

The third task is match 5 in a row of any colour.If you have luck, by getting Pepper Panic it will match by themself, or you will have to count your moves to get perfect match of 5 in a row.Good luck on this one

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